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Cost of Living

Average Cost of Living

Depending on where else you have lived you may find some of Korea's expenses a bit high and others very low.

While Chinhae and Busan have large western style grocery stores and lots of little local markets, the prices on staple items can vary greatly. Produce is very cheap when it is in season but very expensive out of season. Many families try to stock up at the small commissary in Chinhae or the larger one in Daegu (2 hour drive) for a few items that are much cheaper, such as beef or butter, or specialty items only available on base like items for those with dietary restrictions or holiday items.

Korean restaurants can be a fun and reasonably priced way to soak up the local atmosphere. However, the more westernized a place looks, probably the higher the price as well.

Coffee is a way of life here in Korea and there are a multitude of chains and little kiosks on almost every corner. Some can be as cheap as $2.50 for a latte and others as much as $5 or $6 for the same drink so shop around and discover your favorite coffee/tea place to relax in or get a "take away" beverage (this phrased is used commonly instead of "to-go").

A night out can come with a little sticker shock if you like cocktails, import or craft beers, but if you develop a taste for some of the Korean beers or soju drinks, you can hang on to little more of your money.

Living out in town can be a great experience but know that there are often extra costs you may not be used to such as a building maintenance fee or depending on your apartment rules, paying for special trash bags or large item disposal fees. Utilities can run pretty high in the summer and winter for the AC and heat so be aware of the rough costs for your building if possible by checking with the realtor or if there are any other military and families living there.