Ellsworth Air Force Base

Cost of Living

Currently, Rapid City's cost of living is slightly less than the national average but is generally higher than the average for the rest of South Dakota. Major industries include agriculture, tourism, defense, health care, and financial services. Housing costs are relatively high compared to other aspects of cost of living. New homes and apartment complexes are being built in the Rapid City and Box Elder areas as the community is working hard to mitigate the lack of housing in the area.  

The 28th CES Military Housing Office (MHO) is available to help identify suitable housing for all personnel assigned to Ellsworth AFB.  MHO will provide a welcome packet containing detailed information for both off-base and on-base residences, along with contact information for local property managers, schools, and other helpful information on the local area.  

Housing on Ellsworth AFB is in high demand and in most cases a home will not be available immediately upon arrival.  For questions on projected wait times for on base housing, please contact Balfour Beatty Communities directly at 605-929-9000.  Wait times vary between category and size of home.  Most accurate waitlist projections are given within 30-45 days of arrival.