Osan Air Base

Cost of Living

The cost of living off-base varies with the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Korean won. A Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is paid based on your PCS status; accompanied with or w/out dependents and other factors.  Visit your local M&FRC Personal Financial Consultant for assistance in estimating income and expenses for Osan AB. Use Pyeongtaek, South Korea for your reference in making comparisons.

Go to: Overseas COLA Tables | Defense Travel Management Office (dod.mil), to calculate your overseas (OCONUS) COLA. Use "KOREA, OSAN AB, KR025" follow on-site instructions.

For USFK civilians: Living Quarters Allowance, (LQA) is not payable when an individual is hired overseas.  Please contact your local Civilian Personnel Office for the most current information.

Q. What is LQA?
A. LQA is provided to reimburse employees for suitable, adequate living quarters at posts where the U.S. Government does not provide quarters. LQA may be used to pay for rent, utilities, taxes, and related fees (see DSSR 131.2 for a complete listing).