Aviano Air Base

Cost of Living

Living in Italy is very expensive. Utilities and car insurance rates are particularly high.  It is recommended to get a quote ahead of time to prepare yourself for this expense (especially if planning on purchasing a new vehicle).  Renting a house off base includes paying first months rent and deposit.  There is also a separate paint deposit which can total up to 2 months rent.  For military members this paint deposit is reimbursable but may take several months.  For civilians or contractors this fee is NOT reimbursed.  There are also pet deposits.  You may also incur fees if you elect to use a rental agent to help you search for housing.  Be sure to ask about these fees up front.  These move in costs can total several thousand dollars. We recommend saving between $5,000-$10,000 for moving-related expenses, and possibly a little more if you plan to purchase a car upon arrival.

Utilities is another unique item here in Italy.  Bills are many times not sent out on a monthly basis.  Many times people receive utility bills totaling 3-4 months worth of usage instead of 1.  This can result in a utility bill of $3,000 or more.  A suggested tip to address this is to set up a bank account solely for your house and utility allowances.  This way the money is sitting there, ready to be used when you receive a large utility bill.

Talk with your sponsor to learn more about these expenses and other costs to expect. Contact the M&FRC after arrival if you would like to work with a Personal Financial Counselor with assistance on a spend plan or debt management.