Fort Buchanan

Cost of Living

In general, the cost of living in Puerto Rico is lower than in the US, but it is not cheap. A large portion of salary will go to expense on housing, utilities, and groceries. Nevertheless, it is and affordable location for any budget.

Prices for housing are more expensive in the city in comparison to the lower costs in the surrounding suburbs. Smaller cities outside of San Juan are cheaper than living within the capital, but if you have the financial ability to purchase a home, this is the best option.

The cost of rental housing is comparable to mainland US. Apartments are common and may be more expensive than single Family homes depending on where you choose to live. Most often a home purchased on a 30-year mortgage will have a monthly mortgage payment that is significantly lower than an apartment monthly rent.

Utility costs can average between $100-$300.00 USD.

Although most things in Puerto Rico are cheaper than in the U.S., sales taxes are higher, at 11.5%. The sales tax on prepared food is 7%.